Notes From The CLO

The Miles are Melting Away Now

Last night Santiago let me know that he has under 800 miles left to hike.  That was a very big milestone for him, so I'm glad he's ticked that box.  He's still enjoying warm weather (sometimes way too warm for hiking!) but soon he's going to have cooler nights and...

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Less than 1,000 Miles To Go!

It doesn't seem like Santiago has been gone for 15 weeks already, but he has.  He has been on the trail for 105 days now and he's hiked a total of 1,210 miles!  Doing the math, that means he has averaged just over 11.5 miles per day, including factoring in all the...

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Food Plan

Many people have asked what Santiago eats on the trail.  It should not surprise anyone who knows him that he has researched this topic very thoroughly!  He's determined he needs to maximize calories per food item while minimizing the weight he has to carry, for...

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From GA to NC

77.9 miles into the journey, Santiago crossed into his second state -- North Carolina.  He's still got a smile on his face, so that's a good sign!

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Hungry but Happy

Six days and 52 miles into Santiago's journey I met up with him in Hiawassee, Georgia, just to see how we was doing.  This little come-off-the-trail weekend was helpful for him -- he took a couple of hot showers, slept two nights in a comfortable bed, took the...

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And off he goes….

It is estimated that thru-hikers will take 5,000,000 steps on the trail.  Here are the first 25 of Santiago's 5,000,000....

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It’s Go Time!

Here we are at the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail --  Springer Mountain, Georgia.  Fred's Navy buddy Perry and his wife Dee Dee drove us up here this morning - March 25th - not coincidentally, Fred's 62nd birthday.  We all hiked up to the top of the...

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Fred’s Journey Makes The Paper

Fred's upcoming journey has captured the attention of our local paper, the New Buffalo Times.  Staff writer Francesca Sagala interviewed Fred last week and wrote a nice piece about him and his six-month hike to raise funds for the National Park Foundation.  Check out...

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