It doesn’t seem like Santiago has been gone for 15 weeks already, but he has.  He has been on the trail for 105 days now and he’s hiked a total of 1,210 miles!  Doing the math, that means he has averaged just over 11.5 miles per day, including factoring in all the times he “took a zero” — that’s trail lingo for not hiking at all [hiking zero miles] on a particular day.  Heck, I walk 4.5 miles a lot of days and I’m happy with that, but ol’ Santiago is humping it sometimes 20+ miles a day with a 38-pound pack on his back — that’s pretty darn great!  But the main reason for this post is that as of today he’s down to less than 1,000 miles left to go!!   I have never doubted he would finish his journey, but as of today he’s cleared another huge hurdle and his successful finish is becoming more and more and more of a reality with each day and each mile that passes.  Stay safe and strong, Santiago — I predict an end-of-September Mt. Katahdin summit!   GO SANTIAGO GO!

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