Six days and 52 miles into Santiago’s journey I met up with him in Hiawassee, Georgia, just to see how we was doing.  This little come-off-the-trail weekend was helpful for him — he took a couple of hot showers, slept two nights in a comfortable bed, took the opportunity to wash his clothes and spray off and dry his dirty tarp/tent/rain fly, ate several good meals in restaurants, and we stocked up his food bag for the next several days he would be on the trail.  But it was just as important (if not more) for me to see that he was doing okay.  I am pleased to report that Fred is weary but happy and excited to be doing this.  But he is already experiencing “hiker hunger” — we were not more than 2 miles from the trail when he asked me to stop at a convenience store.  He quickly ran in and came out with this pizza and some chocolate milk!  I guess hungry hikers don’t care so much about the quality of their food….

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